I had a dream, a very beautiful dream about Love
I always believe there is something called "True Love"
I know it's very difficult to find it out
but if you are lucky enough 

Every time I broke up with boyfriend 
I felt like it's the end of the world
but every time, there is hope appear in front of me again
then I felt like, I am the happiest woman in the world
No one sure how long it gonna lasted 
but the life is so beautiful when you are in Love

Predicting the ending of the story
always turns the relationship into black hole
I know that... just we can't stop our expectation
We are so stupid human beings!!!!

Ha! We always get ourselves in trouble....

You know..

I am so easily touching
I always have so many feelings
My emotion changes base on the aura 
so I cant sure what's real in my mind... & my soul

I felt your loneliness
or maybe you just need my arm for awhile
So... I wanna stay

It was like a little animal got injured and you just can't leave it alone
I don't know if it's good or not

I didn't think about it

Just follow the feeling and the voice whispered in the air

Thank you for the night
I got something from you!!!!

Being Tough!

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