Weekend vacation!

I always find something to do in my weekend
maybe TPE city is the place that you can find me in my weekend
I love to stay home. Play 麻醬 with my family
read some books...
but I need to go some where else to balance my life

( Iris in the middle)

This weekend I went to Tpe for class and met my best friend Iris
She has summer vacation now ...
but two more weeks she will be gone ... OMG!
I feel lonely again! so I have to use all my free time with her! Hahaha~~!!

( This is the crazy girls group! but I love it~)

( Alan & Yaya. )

( I always go to Lumi Dance school while I visit Taipei)

and I also met my friends from my college in 新竹.
we've known each other for many years
we don't meet up often.. but we really have good time every time!
we talk talk talk and talk
update everyone's current news

This is Vivi. The owner of " Viola " Isn't she cute?!

We enjoyed the food and time! talking talking talking just talk
& eating non stop!

My 哈比 Friends

something happy
something sad
& some funny stories

we give hug

we show our loves to each other

That's my sweet friends

but my body is sour right now...
too tired from traveling place to place

but I enjoyed the moment!

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