C's 25th birthday Pajama Party

It's our baby girl - Cynthia's 25th birthday..
We have known each other for a really long time
We used to be roommates for 5 years
then she went to Paris for like 3 years then NY 2 years
Finally... She came back to TW this year for ONE year!!!!
Yeah~~!! We really miss you!

Nicole hold up a Pajama Party for girls
it's always fun to have all girls together
so we can do everything crazily..

everyone's pajama is so sexy..
only mine is so sporty...
maybe that is why I can't find a BF still now..

It's really a party for girls...
we did so many girls thing ! Yeah
feel like still high school students

after drinking...
Nicole is very good at feeding us alcohol
Everyone got drunk but really happy!

Swimming pool is really cool~ but water is too cold so I didn't want to go inside
but .... still.... you know... girls will never stop trying to achieve their goal!

It's too cold outside so we had hot jacuzzi in our huge bathroom
We played so many stupid game and Nicole kept feeding us alcohol
everything just went crazy and funny~! but Gross!!

Finally... Our pretty girl - C
ended up in this way on her birthday~!

C, you know you love me!

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