does perfection exist?!

There is no right or wrong

black or white

there is always something in between

that is the mind

the feeling

which to make things become complicated

so Human

Human is the same as animal

when we were young,

teacher said we are different from animal

because we are educated and we have moral

but when we grow up

we found there is no moral

People is still selfish... and in grown up world they said it normal

we go to school doesn’t mean we are well educated

People who gets high degrees still do something shit

Human is the same as animal

they always have their own territory

and fight so hard to protect something which we called “Belong to”

so they lie , they tell a story

they found a group in order to support personal point of view

there is no perfection in our lives

I already realized it

but still

I am doing so hard to find something called perfection

No more War!

peace. Peggy

Yes! You are perfect! Meg Chian~

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