Second day in Kenting

Good morning ! Kenting ~ 
with our first Starbucks coffee! 
Even my doctor told me if I wanna get skinny,
don't drink coffee before eating anything....
but sometimes we just need it~ 

The weather is so hot!
full of sunshine~ sky is so bright~!
We were looking forward to having fun in our second days aka our last day here!

It's so hard to get into the car
The car is burning parking under the sun!

This is the owner of our B&B 「海的墾丁」
He is so nice after we took photos with him
He was like a movie star.. Hahaha

He went to the restaurant with us so we got the discount!
He even offered us free drinks~!
Yes. Taiwanese are so hospitality and Ardor
I love this feeling~! like family~

Our first meal is great 
We went to a good Thai Food restaurant

but it's really too much for the first meal of the day

Luna is a young guy from Kenting
He works and helps his family business! (booth 22)
There are so many kids like him... 
Working in early age... but he is fun and likes to talk shxx... hahaha
that is why Iris wanted to beat him!!!

We are so excited about our second day... 
in different beach in kenting 「南灣」
The weather is better than our first day
We had great time playing in the sea but it was scary too..
when we played with our swimming tubes and tried to have fun
we flushed away by the sea wave 
it's so difficult to get back to the sea shore 
I was so scared.. but lucky there is a group of guy around us and brought us back to the sand....

but we still go into the water and having fun ourself.. again!
We still need to have fun!!! hahaha~

Finally it's time to go home and we felt hungry again.. 
so we decided went to have a little food...

Are you sure it's a little?!
Hahahaha~ I don't know whey everyone ordered so many dishes...
We really ate too much in this trip

The food make everyone looks like pregnant.. 
Haha you rox!!!

Finally... it's really time to go home
We arrive Kao around 9:30pm
I felt a bit sad to say goodbye to my best friends
especailly Janet is going back to NY next week 
and this is the last time we meet in Taiwan...

but I am happy too!
I really had good time with the crazy girls and everything in Kenting~~!!

I got home @ 11pm


This is my good memory in my 2009 summer!

Love you all~!
My dearest friends

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