First Day in Kenting

Yes! Finally we arrived Kenting!!!
This is Kenting's Sky~! So clear~ so beautiful
Everybody was so excited about being there

We were lucky that the weather was so nice..
It was not too hot! with soft sunshine
and beautiful sea and sand

This is our sexy driver : Iris ~ My baby sis just has her short vacation back to Taiwan
So we decide to make a trip~!

It was a bit scary in a few moments that we almost flowed away by sea wave
We swam so hard tired to get back to the sea shore
but it was like mission impossible

Luckily there were some guys around us and save us back to the safe area
Even we were shocked, we still enjoyed ourself. Haha!

It's my crazy lovely sis - Haha
She vogue everywhere in Kenting~ 

This is the back view of our room
so we got sea and Mountain at the same time!

Girls always make room so messy..
We just dropped everything on the bed!!

It was nice to meet my old friend in Kenting : Apu
she is a mama already! 
I can't image if one day I become a Mama~! OMG~!

Haha is a crazy shopholic
she can shop everywhere for anything!

I have no idea why they become Mr. Jay on Kenting main strip

This is Huge Hot Dog Style
only you can find in Kenting!

There were so many people.
We even saw massage on the road. 
The little girl's face was so funny... looked really painful
but when I took this photo, she was smiling to the camera. How cute~

I really Love Bubba.
No matter where I go.. I would like some drinks with Bubba
It's one is dupe

We found a bar and having some cocktails to end up this day
girls kept talking, laughing...

It's not about where you go...
It's about whom you go with...

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