Hello & Goodbye & Hello!

Recently, I met lots of new friends.
I went to HK and met so nice people. 
when I leave there, I was a little bit sad
But luckily some of them come to Taiwan and I had the chance to hang out with them again
but just everyone was too busy so we didn't really have much time together!

Few days ago, I met new friends from Japan!
They are so amazing. Like a fantasy. 
When they left Taiwan, I was sad again...

I should be happy to know nice people
especially so match person!

I felt sad that we have to say goodbye and we all know that
living in different country, will cause the distance between the relationship
We fight hard not letting the distance separate us
I had that experience
and it's sad to know every wonderful moment will be unfamiliar one day.. maybe...

I had a few good conversations which bring me lots of thoughts
I had a few crazy parties which make me so happy

but its the life
saying "Hi" to new friends and saying "Goodbye" to go back to normal life
and looking forward to having reunion in near future!

I hope the smile will last 
Last for good

miss u guys and hope to c you soon!

I love you~~!!

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